VIT - Very Important Talent - in 24 hours

You and your fellow team members professional skills are beyond reproach and honed to fine standards, but what if the KPI’s are lagging despite of all of your combined efforts? How will you go about improving the results and standards in your team?

Our VIT chairWhat’s the business impact?

  • when your team’s results are not as strong as you wished?
  • when your team is not meeting the required standards?
  • when operational issues are keeping you from focussing on improving your team’s efficacy?
  • when you’d love to focus on talent, but you lack the how-to’s?
  • when the energy & spirit of your team has left the building?
  • when absenteeism higher is than you wished?
  • when you have to recruit your talents - at great expense - on the open market, instead of finding them in-house?

How would you tackle the KPI-boost of your team?

In our 'VIT in 24 hours' program we'll put your entire team in the hotseat as our personal guests and Very Important Talents. In 24 hours we'll offer you actionable personal awareness of your unique talents and the passions with which you will fuel yourself. You and all your fellow team members will go home from this session completely re-energised, ready to spot and flourish the talents in your team.

Just for you

  • a team of professionals aiming to unleash their talents to achieve a productivity gain of up to 15%

Topics we’ll cover

  • your unique talents in (just) 1 word
  • the three passions to fuel your talents
  • the patterns that hold you back in your life

We’ll work in energising surroundings to amplify the value of the work we do. Good food, nature, renewal and hard work: our brains love us for it.

The impact

  • unleash the business value of human potential
  • unlock the value of talent
  • build the team you love
  • collaborate relaxed
  • boost team productivity by 15%
  • achieve strong results
  • boost KPI’s
  • excel with joy
  • save (at least) 26.000 dollars for each talent your team doesn’t have to recruit on the open market
  • decrease absenteeism substantially

The program

  • one ’live’ and face-to-face 24-hour session
  • a digital platform to support social and rapid fire learning: on-the-job, in real-time on your mobile phone


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