May 21-24 will mark my ninth A(S)TD global conference. As in previous years, I’ll be going to speak, share and learn. To be honest, it’s one of the year’s highlights for me. This year I’ll be speaking with my esteemed colleagues Ria van Dinteren on the neurological aspects of talent development, Koko NakaramaNakahara, Japan and Ger Driesen, a fellow expert from the Netherlands on the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on our field of HRD.

In a short series of blogs, I’ll get you up to speed on how my vision has evolved over the past few months. In this one, I’ll shed some light on “a world without work”.

For the past three blogs we’ve offered a retrospective of the Forzes open network meeting on January 9. We’ve covered holacracy and we’ve introduced an organization that is widely acknowledged as a forerunner of reinvented organizations. Our latest blog was filled with equal measures of love and criticism on the future of learning and development.

The past two blogs featured perspectives on the Forzes event in January where we hosted four speakers on the topic of ‘teal’, ‘holocratic’ or ‘reinvented’ organizations. Since then I’ve been contemplating what would happen to learning if HR, and therefore centralized HRD departments, would cease to exist, as would be the case in reinvented organizations?