Forzes is a network of self-employed professionals in organizational change and learning & development. ROI on Talent is one of its brands and I’m co-founder and partner in the Forzes network. On January 9, we invited four speakers to introduce our network and 40 of guests to Laloux’ way of thinking and perceiving organizations. Two speakers represented organizations that had made the transition to teal, the self-directed, stronger and more inspired and meaningful way of working Laloux proposes. They were accompanied by two speakers who work as self-employed change consultants on new ways of working and organizing.
It is my honor to introduce Heleen.

"The great Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle wrote in 350BC that women have fewer teeth than men. Today we know that this is nonsense. But for nearly 2,000 years it was an established fact in the western world. Then someone, someday had a revolutionary idea: Let's count them! (...)

Is it possible that our current worldview limits the way we think about organizations? Could we imagine a stronger, more inspired and more meaningful way of working together, if we could just change our belief system?"

- Frederic Laloux, Reinventing Organizations


Time flies (“like an eagle and fruit flies like banana”, as my wife often says). It’s been almost three weeks now since Ria van Dinteren and I took to the stage at the 2016 ATD Asia Pacific Conference in Taipei. The presentation was well received and so our schedules are now filling up with follow-up speaking appointments.