It’s so tempting to write about all of the inspiration I’ve taken away from the ATD conferences I’ve attended and spoken at from 2009 onwards. But, honestly, so much can be found on-line. Just search Twitter on the hash-tag #ATD2016 or Google for ATD2016 blogs, check out my ROI on Talent blogs or check out my itinerary of sessions I’d like to attend. You’ll be amazed how much knowledge is shared, some prior, some in real-time, some shortly after an ATD session, some even weeks or months thereafter. To give you just a little sneak-peek into the highlights of last year’s conference, I’ve made a brief trailer.

Each year, in May, the Association for Talent Development hosts the International Conference and Exposition. Travelling between six major cities and their huge conferences centers it’s a learning happening without peer. ICE is huge and overwhelming and dauntingly so if you’re a freshman attendee.

Dan Pontefract combined his experience, vision and research on employee engagement, behaviour and culture to engage us at the ATD 2015 global conference on the topic of purpose. He urges professionals and organisations to elevate their mindset and focus on jobs or careers to one of purpose on three crucial levels: personal, organisational and workplace role.