How valuable is potential? What is personal initiative worth? Can we combine - insanely - demanding jobs with organizational development? What is the power of potential?

2015 10 02 1104

It was just over two weeks ago that I had the pleasure to meet up with an L&D manager of one our Dutch banks. We talked, as we’re both fond of doing, about the future of learning and the developments within her department and in our mutual field. I came out of our meeting, feeling both impressed by the scope of her drive and worried about the direction yet another company is taking.

Research by Alliance for Talent Development (ATD) shows that HR departments, due primarily to budgetary considerations, are less likely to perceive talent management as an integrated process, let alone to address it as such (ASTD global conference, 2009). Departments like HRD, for instance, will receive more budget when they have an attractive talent development program on offer and career development will receive more funding when they support the organizations’ outliers on carefully laid out career paths. It seems to me that every HR department fights for a piece of the puzzle, without actually completing the picture.