When I had the privilege to both speak at and attend the 2009 through 2014 global A(S)TD conferences, I kept wondering what the meta-themes were. I uncovered four and I will write about them in preparation of this year’s ATD conference in Orlando, Florida, from May 17 to May 20. This second mini-blog is all about technology.

In recent years it may have been enough to clarify the question (and the question behind the question) of our clients and delve into the design, development and delivery of the content as quickly as possible. Our roles as learning, development and training experts may have been quite content driven.

I recently evaluated a leadership program that I helped facilitate over a 2,5 year period. The program was beautifully crafted and contained large group management conferences, small peer coaching groups, 360 reviews, assessments and a large offering of courses, eLearnings and workshops, based on the rewritten leadership profile.