Evert Pruis, MScEvert received his masters in Educational Technology and Curriculum Design from the University of Twente in 1991. Through EMC Performance and Atos Origin he has worked for Fortune 100 companies like ING Bank, Philips, Shell Oil Products, DuPont and GlaxoSmithKline.

Evert has taken on roles in both educational technology and change management. As an educational technologist he built academies and (sales) training curricula and helped deliver them. As change management consultant he was responsible for change programs for up to 2.500 staff, whom were in the process of embracing a new way of working and an integrated enterprise resource planning IT system.

Since 2008 he has spoken annually at the Alliance for Talent Development conferences on talent management, talent development and inner leadership. In May 2012 he bid his employers goodbye and set out to become an entrepreneur. This resulted in the launch of two companies: Forzes | Powerful Change and ROI on Talent. With co-entrepreneurs Sander Kamp and Jacco Westerbeek he created an attractive home for self-employed change managers and Forzes opened its doors in 2013. ROI on Talent is the first Forzes venture, built on Evert’s drive to achieve tangible business benefits through the development of talents in teams.

Evert is driven by thé paradox of this century. He sees that fulfilling key positions in companies is becoming more and more challenging through the global war on talent. Simultaneously he is personal witness to an immense reservoir of untapped potential in organisations. The programs he has built for ROI on Talent will offer a way out of this paradox by helping teams to unleash their talents. The potential pay-off is substantial. Teams can expect a 15% productivity gain and substantial costs savings on external recruitment (at least $26,000.- for junior professionals) through smarter systems for internal mobility.