At ATD 2015 I had the fortunate pleasure to meet Yvette Montero Salvatico who shared her ideas on the future of talent. I asked her to share some of her talent development ideas with the young potentials that are in the talent development program I’ve developed for one of my clients. Her advice to develop multiple opportunities and avenues for growth and career resonated with me, as did her closing comment that the power of learning will determine, more than anything else, future success in your career.


Through online platforms like Upwork, we’re seeing and incredible world-wide exposure of our expertise and talents. I suspect that this age of (full-time) jobs, roles and functions will be frowned upon by our children.

It is, indeed Yvette, such an exciting time to be a young potential, or a greying mid-career potential for that matter!

Enjoy Yvette’s words and vision.