Time flies (“like an eagle and fruit flies like banana”, as my wife often says). It’s been almost three weeks now since Ria van Dinteren and I took to the stage at the 2016 ATD Asia Pacific Conference in Taipei. The presentation was well received and so our schedules are now filling up with follow-up speaking appointments.


Because the conference took three days, I had ample opportunity to visit some of the other sessions. Here’s my second in a series of Taipei Tales on all the ways learning happens. I’m indebted to both Ronda Davies who spoke on this topic and Degreed - the main source for this week’s blog’s graphics.
This session was an eye-opener for me, because it visually ‘wowed’ me on the pervasiveness of modern learning. It’s everywhere and we can do way better.

In this first fascinating infographic by Degreed we get an inkling of the extent to which we’re already looking after our own learning, as opposed to it being led by L&D departments.



The Degreed report highlights this fascinating research titbit by Bersin.

Missing link
The final infographic that I brought with me from Ronda’s session, is thisone focusing on the obstacles to workplace learning. It makes a very strong case for the development of performance support infrastructure in our organisations. I think Jos Arets and Bob Mosher would agree.

I cannot thank Degreed enough for visualising the information Ronda presented at ATD APC. It’s a wonderful way to evaluate our L&D efforts.

How is your organization measuring up? Have you found ways to better balance learning? How are you avoiding the five obstacles to workplace learning? Will you share some of your experiences? We love to hear your thoughts!