At each ATD International Conference and Exposition, ATD’s annual global learning-fest, the honour goes to Tony Bingham to address an emergent issue in HRD. As in 2015 and 2016 we heard from Tony and senior HRD leaders about the importance of going mobile in learning. Mobile learning is the carrier, the platform, for micro learning. Small learning nuggets, preferably about a single topic that cover a single learning or performance goal.

So what’s my bipartisan perspective on mobile learning?

Yes, I’m mildly enthusiastic about mobile learning. If the pace of change is accelerating (and I know from my research and publications that it is) then so should our ability to reskill or upskill our professional repertoire.
Stepping away from traditional learning methodes that are either too coupled to place and time, or simply too long or unadaptive to our learning and performing needs, makes not only sense, it may be the de facto requirement to squeeze in more learning into our performance pressured schedules.

No, I’m not all for mobile learning. I see people glued to their screens whenever I lay eyes on them. I see them picking up their phones at work with every notification that pops up and on every whim or need for contact or information. I see people become distracted, loose their ability to focus a significant amount of their time, attention and talents to tasks and goals that are hard (Newport, 2016).

Aren’t we hopping a bandwagon that promotes distraction and shallow work through easy learning? Isn’t deep work only way to reap the fruits of long term goals?
All hail the bipartisan!
So, dear voters, what’s your perspective? Are you a true bipartisan, as myself? Or of ye of a more singular denomination? What’s your take on this?