As a leader you play a large number of roles and tasks in several areas, oftentimes even simultaneously. You’re occupied with strategy, policy, production, leadership, coaching and your own career. The dynamic of this backdrop is amplified by continuous change within your organisation, your clients, markets and competition.

Your leadership skills are beyond reproach and honed to fine standards, but what if your team’s KPI’s are lagging despite all your efforts? How will you go about improving the results and standards of your team? Although it may be tempting, the best response to all these challenges is not to focus on increasing your own productivity. Is it really necessary to take all effort to improve the performance of your team on your shoulder? Is that even tolerable?

key to success roi on talentA more sustainable approach would be to involve your team members and increase their ownership for their own development, targets and results. The (latent) talents of your team members, their drives, qualities and capacities offer a solution to maximise the durable productivity of your team. The question we’ll help you answer is: “how do you do this?”

ROI on Talent is a proven, step-by-step approach for leaders to spot and flourish talents in their teams. ROI on Talent shows you exactly how to approach leadership from a talent perspective and what to do every single step of the way, right down to which compliments, appraisals and feedback work (and which won't!).

The busy life of a leader

Program VIT
Very Important Talent in 24 hours

In our 'VIT in 24 hours' program we'll put your entire team in the hotseat as our personal guests and Very Important Talents.

In 24 hours we'll offer you actionable personal awareness of your unique talents and the passions with which you will fuel yourself. You and all your fellow team members will go home from this session completely re-energised, ready to spot and flourish the talents in your team.

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Program ToTAL
Team of Talents

Our ‘ToTAL program’ enhances our ‘VIT in 24 hours’ concept. We'll meet for no less than three face-to-face 24 hour sessions.

In addition your team will get personal access to me through Q&A sessions, personal coaching and mastermind sessions. You'll be able to spot and flourish the talents of each and everyone of your fellow team members and boost their KPI's through actionable tools, tips and scripts.

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