Education Manager Human Resource Management at Leiden College

Hendrik Jan BotWe hired Evert for a national programme on HR communications at ING. Asking for a blended solution on training and communication.

Evert is really good at applying different behavioural styles when faced with resistance or conflict. He looks at things from unorthodox angles and always has a full understanding of the market and HRD.

He is good at putting forward proposals that reflect his customers's interests, always providing customised products having a long-term perspective in mind. A skilled and experienced consultant.

Sales Director Sales Business Mortages and Private Banking, Mid-Netherlands, ING Netherlands

Dave de la FuenteMy experiences with Evert have been extremely positive! I got together with some colleagues to undertake an intensive training with Evert.

I am inspired by his dedication, giving space for self-development and the large amount of knowledge and experience which he uses to make me better. Evert is always open to feedback, is always ready to help and is a true professional in his work.

In addition, I appreciate Evert as a nice, genuinely interested, person with ambition and an inexhaustible amount of energy that he is ready to invest in you. In short, a real recommendation to work with and to be inspired by!

Sales Director Sales Business Mortages and Private Banking, North East Netherlands, ING Netherlands

Giuseppe CanuI met Evert as the architect and trainer if the ‘Manager of Talent’ program.

Evert had me inspired during his training due to his totally relaxed and extremely enjoyable way of training. He helped further my own development!

He has shown me that your talent is your most precious possession, and every human being has a unique talent. This has had a tremendously positive influence on my way of leadership: thanks again for that Evert!