10 tips to improve performance through learning

If only we would have the power to look into a crystal ball and see the future. With regards to learning, I think that crystal ball would glow with brightness.

Management Development met 0% training

De Perfetti van Melle fabriek in Hoorn, net boven Amsterdam, is de thuishaven van de eeuwenoude Klene drop (mijn favoriet). Een aantal jaren geleden deed een fabrieksmanager het onmogelijke: hij bracht de fabriek in slechts drie jaar tijd terug in de zwarte cijfers.

Management Development with 0% training - a case-study

The Perfetti van Melle factory in Hoorn, just a short drive above Amsterdam, is the home of the immemorial Klene liquorice (my personal favourite, I have to admit). Several years ago a plant manager did the impossible: he brought the factory back to black figures in just three years.

The future of learning is performing

Jane Hart, thé worldwide social learning thought leader, introduced the catchphrase “the future of learning is social” a couple of years ago. When I had the privilege to meet her personally in 2011, I responded “ the future of learning is performing”.

The Power of Real-Time Feedback

It’s a dreary and cold Tuesday a couple of months ago. I’m early, too early as it pans out. All lights at my client’s office are still out and the doors are locked.

The Single Most Potent Talent Development Intervention

Ask any talented person what gave their careers a boost and they’ll never answer “a training or workshop”. Trust me, I’ve been asking this question since 2006.

Twee redenen waarom presteren de toekomst van leren is

Jane Hart, dé wereldwijd bekende ‘social learning thought leader’, bedacht een aantal jaar geleden de pakkende zin “de toekomst van leren is sociaal”. Toen ik het geluk had haar in 2011 te mogen ontmoeten, antwoordde ik “de toekomst van leren is presteren”.

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19/22-05 | ATD 2019 International Conference & Exposition

Implementing Machine Learning & AI in Learning - Global Cases and Best Practices
Koko Nakahara (Japan), Amit Nagpal (India), Paul Signorelli (VS) en Evert Pruis (Forzes | Nederland)

Keep them aligned! Neurological insights for talent development
Ria van Dinteren (Breinwerk) en Evert Pruis (Forzes)

19 tot 22 mei 2019

Washington D.C., Verenigde Staten

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