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What the future holds

Suddenly a theme emerged as I started to prepare for this week’s newsletter and blog: “what the future holds”. As you may know, a substantial part of my writing is centred on the future of talent and on that topic there’s actually quite a bit to share. I’d like to introduce you to two events that put the future center stage. I’d love to meet you personally at either one of them (or both)!

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TEDx “reconciling the future” - 2016-02-21

On February 21st I’ll be embarking on a new adventure. I’m thrilled and grateful that I’ve been accepted to speak at TEDx “reconciling the future” in the Netherlands. I’ll be talking about the way talent development and talent management will need to adapt to 5 “mega trends”: big data; always connected mobile devices; social networking; cloud computing and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Through these trends we’re witnessing the automation of more sophisticated knowledge work, where only repetitive or slightly complex jobs were usurped by technology in the past two centuries. 47% of all jobs in the US, and a third of those in Europe, are at high risk of being replaced by technology within the next two decades, according to research by Oxford University. Is Learning and Development ready to offer these throngs of professionals an attractive alternative for life and work? Or will we be witness to massive layoffs of highly skilled professionals in fields that simply no longer exist, like first person banking for instance?

Would you like to learn my five proven practices to conquer the future? TEDx has room for only 100 attendees: so register now if you’d like to join me live in Eindhoven. If you can’t make it in person, TEDx offers a live-stream and YouTube videos.


The Futures School Spotlight - 2016-02-03

A few weeks later, on March 2nd the Forzes venture ROI on Talent and the NVO2 network for L&D professionals, are host to The Futures School in the Netherlands. At the last ATD global conference in Orlando I had the honour of hearing Yvette Montero Salvatico, a former futurologist at Disney, speak on the future of talent. Yvette sketched a future of talent, not by extrapolating current trends, but by taking the future as a starting point. Her session was a revelation for me and shed new light on my perspective on talent management and talent development. Even though the ATD conference is massive, we managed to meet up quite a few times during the conference and this eventually led to Yvette’s request to partner on this Spotlight event. TFS Spotlight is a special 1-day event that trains executives, leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs the basics of harnessing and leveraging the critical skill and tools of foresight for the 21st Century landscape of accelerating complexity and change.

Want to learn how to create the future in an era of accelerating change and complexity? Register today! I will do everything in my power to make this event a wonderful and memorable day. Would you let me know by email if you are interested? I will write down your interest and I inform you personally about the program. Take action now, because the number of seats is limited and the interest is high.


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