At ATD 2015 I had the fortunate pleasure to meet Yvette Montero Salvatico who shared her ideas on the future of talent. I asked her to share some of her talent development ideas with the young potentials that are in the talent development program I’ve developed for one of my clients. Her advice to develop multiple opportunities and avenues for growth and career resonated with me, as did her closing comment that the power of learning will determine, more than anything else, future success in your career.


In my daily work I train enterprises and institutions to increase their capacity to spot talent in their organisation and to bring that talent to fruition. What may positively surprise, is the fact that employees and managers can learn to embrace a mindset that has growth, development and improvement as the one and only constant {Dweck: 2006vd} {Halvorson: 2010vw}.

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It seems so apparent that the future of work and the future of talent is all about gloom and doom: “a future without work”, the World Economic Forum called it in January. But, I do think there is hope, even though the fourth industrial revolution and the second machine age will have major impact on the way we work and what we call work. I’ll share some of my ideas to innovate talent at the 2016 ATD Global Conference in Denver, Colorado.

What can all of us do to improve our resilience to things to come? How can we fuel our future with our passion?